Rote Riot

20 fun songs to learn by rote for the young beginner

Track List & Recordings

1. My Dog Rosy

My dog Rosy, she's so bad
She barks and barks and makes me mad! ...

2. The Grandfather Clock

The grandfather clock goes "tock, tick tock"
The little tiny watch goes "ticka ticka ticka tick" ...

As a teacher resource, these pieces may be used in the initial stages of teaching or to supplement the primer with which the student is working and to provide light relief in the form of a song or piece of music that the student can play at home from the very first lesson.

How to Use This Book

The teacher or parent should learn the song as written on the score and teach it to the child through imitation.

It is not intended that the child should read or learn the printed music.

If the child is able to read, he or she can use the page with the printed words and pictures to sing the song while playing. If not, the teacher or parent should continue singing the song to the child until he or she is able to remember the words.

The songs become progressively more difficult throughout the book so that by the end, significant skill has been developed in aural and visual perception.

3. Little Candle

Little candle in the night
Little candle burning bright ...

5. Pitter Patter

When it's raining I go out
Play in puddles, kick and shout ...

7. Scat Cat!

Scat cat! On the mat!
That's your place and that is that! ...

9. Mister Bumblebee

Buzzing round the garden Mister Bumblebee
I can bumble too said Mister Centipede ...

11. Hopscotch

Hopscotch, hoppitty scotch
That's what I play every day with my friends ...

13. Tiddelly Toddelly

Tiddelly Toddelly loves to dance
In his red shirt and his sparkly pants ...

15. Cecil Snake

Cecil snake, he's such a sneaky snake
Slithering around, slithering around
He found someone's special birthday cake ...

17. Chinese Food

Eating Chinese food is always better with chopsticks
Knives and forks and spoons are never quite as much fun

19. At The Beach

I'm at the beach, I'm at the beach
I got my boogie board to surf the waves ...

4. Flutter Little Butterfly

Flutter little butterfly,
You're so sweet and so am I
"No", she said, "I'm really just ...

6. What's For Tea?

Hey mum, what's for tea?
Cheese with chocolate sauce for me ...

8. Ferris Wheel

Riding on the ferris wheel is so much fun
When it's at the top I almost touch the sun ...

10. Sandhill

Climbing up the sandhill,
I am climbing up the sandhill
I am climbing up the sandhill but I keep on falling ...

12. Lovely Rainy Day

Can I please go out and play?
It's a lovely rainy day
The puddles are waiting so dirty and muddy ...

14. Cool Cat

Here comes the cool cat, Sheldon is his name
He dresses real slick, coolness is his game ...

16. High Heeled Shoes

Putting on my high heeled shoes
Oh I'm looking good ...

18. Honk

All the cars go whizzing down my street ... Honk!
Up and down and round and round they speed ... Honk! ...

20. Torch Hidey

It's very dark here in the park
Got to be quiet, can't make a sound ...