A Right Royal Flush

Often there is an historical context for nursery rhymes - whether securely or loosely based on fact
or as the result of local or urban mythology, passed down through
the generations.

In this collection, I've taken a handful of favourite nursery rhymes with a royal theme and reinterpreted them in the way that appeals most to my imagination.

I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I did writing them!


For Jovanni-Rey V de Pedro
whose brilliant renditions give life to my music

Track List & Recordings

1. Those Fiddlers Three

Old King Cole was a merry old soul,
And really, who wouldn't be?!!
We can only surmise
What he smoked in his pipe
And the truth of his fiddlers three ...

Truly I jest, for the subject of our tale
Was blessed with finer needs
Music poured from the walls
Of his banqueting halls
And heralded battlery!

Advanced Level

Associate Diploma AMEB/ANZCA

Licentiate Diploma ABRSM

3. All the King's Horses

When you're the king and in charge of defence
It's never too clever to sit on the fence
As poor Humpty found to infamy eternal
Watch out for your back with your generals and colonels!

Advanced Level

8th Grade AMEB/ANZCA

Associate Diploma ABRSM

5. And He Marched Them Down Again

The grand old Duke of York
Wasn't great at strategy
Let his army down
Ditched his wife and found
Solace in debauchery!

Advanced Level

Associate Diploma AMEB/ANZCA

Licentiate Diploma ABRSM

2. Sweet Lavender

Lavender's blue - or more purple I think
And this song isn't really about queens and kings
But courting and passion have plenty in common
With right royal hijinks midst times long forgotten ...

Advanced Level

Associate Diploma AMEB/ANZCA

Licentiate Diploma ABRSM

4. A Pocketful of Jazz

Sing a song of sixpence for a pocketful of jazz
Crying monks and royal drunks make for great pizzazz
Tear apart the churches, rob them of their bling
Lose the wife (just take her life) and lo! A happy king!

Early Advanced - Advanced Level

7th - 8th Grade AMEB/ANZCA

8th Grade - Associate Diploma ABRSM

Endnote ...

Now, you might think all these nobles
Have the edge on foolish foibles
But there's nought so reviled
As complacence and pride
So be humble, wise and loyal!