Myriad Moments

As with most of my piano music, these pieces were written in response to the needs of my students and were designed as studies to teach specific techniques.

The pedalling is at times fairly complex and may be omitted or reduced for early level students - however those more advanced will benefit from playing these pieces as written - the ultimate aim is to develop expressiveness in playing.

Track List & Recordings

1. Whispers in the Wind

This piece explores simple, arpeggiated chords - often a tricky technique to learn, although students invariably love the finished product! - alongside phrasing and associated slurring technique.

Pedalling is straight-forward - feel free to add more for more capable students.

Late Elementary Level

1st Grade AMEB/ANZCA

2nd Grade ABRSM

3. Raindrops on the Window

The 'raindrops' come to life through the use of a light finger staccato.

By applying pedal (when it can be managed), a softening of the staccato is achieved while the overall sense of lightness is maintained.

Late Elementary Level

1st Grade AMEB/ANZCA *on current ANZCA Classical Pianoforte Syllabus

2nd Grade ABRSM

5. Reflections in the Mirror

Each phrase should flow smoothly into the next as they alternate between the hands, with care taken to ensure that the full value of the semibreve is given before the hand finishes rolling off.

The marked crescendos and decrescendos should be only a gentle rise and fall and need not be followed too literally so long as the overall playing is expressive.

Late Elementary - Early Intermediate Level

1st - 2nd Grade AMEB/ANZCA

2nd - 3rd Grade ABRSM

2. Ripples on the Water

The main focus of this piece is on phrasing technique - drop the hand into each phrase and allow it to roll gently from the last note - when this is perfected, work on maintaining a beautiful cantabile tone.

I would suggest working the scale of E Major at the same time to help deal with the sharps and the overall keyboard geography.

Late Elementary - Early Intermediate Level

1st - 2nd Grade AMEB/ANZCA

2nd - 3rd Grade ABRSM

4. Sunlight Through the Pines

The aim here should be to create a beautiful, flowing, ethereal sound.

Take care not to hurry the ends of phrases - instead, draw them out to give a thoughtful, restful feel and especially draw out the long arpeggiated chords.

Early Intermediate Level

2nd Grade AMEB/ANZCA

3rd Grade ABRSM