A Pocketful of Jazz

This little collection comprises a handful of my most popular jazz style piano music for teens and young adults - enjoy!

Track List & Recordings

1. Midori Afternoon

'The day is hot and thirsty dry
A burning sun rides through the sky
On the radio, Buble croons
Feels like a Midori afternoon'

... Imagine kicking back on a lazy Sunday afternoon, around the pool on a sun lounge and a glass of something cool in your hand ...

'Midori Afternoon' is a piano solo to reflect just this kind of mood.

Early - Mid Intermediate Level

2nd - 3rd Grade AMEB/ANZCA

3rd - 4th Grade ABRSM

3. Latchkey Baby

'Aka ... And What Time Do You Call This, Young Lady?'

'Latchkey Baby' is an exciting jazz style piece which paints an evocative picture.

Listen carefully and you will hear that young lady trying to sneak into the house in the middle of the night!!

Crush notes, glissandi and tremolos add to the fun in this highly popular piano solo

Late Intermediate Level

5th Grade AMEB/ANZCA

6th Grade ABRSM

5. A Pocketful of Jazz

Jazz riffs and tremolos add to the interest in this ever evolving piano solo.

'A Pocketful of Jazz' takes a cruisy, jazz style spin on the 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' nursery rhyme.

Early Advanced Level

7th Grade AMEB/ANZCA

8th Grade ABRSM

2. Jazz Invention

'Jazz Invention' is, as the title suggests, a contrapuntal jazz style piece, with two voices interacting throughout.

Lots of fun with lyrics and small hand versions available upon request.

Intermediate Level

4th Grade AMEB/ANZCA

5th Grade ABRSM

4. Rush Hour Crush

'Rush Hour Crush' is an exciting, onwardly moving piece which evokes the mad chaos of city traffic, interspersed with brief moments of respite.

A constantly changing meter gives a feel of urgency, helping to create the picture of being caught in this endlessly swirling traffic chaos!

Late Intermediate - Early Advanced Level

5th - 6th Grade AMEB/ANZCA

6th - 7th Grade ABRSM